FBS - Palm Logbook To CSV

FBS - Palm Logbook To CSV 1.4

Basic conversion program from Palm logbook database to .csv format
1.4 (See all)

This is a basic conversion program. It takes the Palm logbook database (NPLP-LogDB.pdb for PRO v1.1, NPLP-Log2DB.pdb for PRO v1.2, PalmLogDB-Nlog.pdb for basic version 1.x and fbPL-Log.pdb for basic version 2.x) and generates a spreadsheet in .csv format. This format is a simple comma separated text file readable by most spreadsheet and database programs. This is only a one-way utility. You cannot generate a pdb file for use on the palm at this time. This program only reads from the pdb file and will not change any information. You should keep copies of your database files in a safe place in case of a hard reset.

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